Planning a Cannabis Vacation In Oregon

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Oregon is sometimes overlooked as a cannabis vacation destination when compared to Colorado or California, but that’s not really fair. With dramatic coastal views, epic mountains, unique cities and legal pot, Oregon is one of the coolest states in the country.

The Spark team wants to give our state the credit it’s due, so we’ve compiled a quick guide to help you start planning your cannabis vacation in Oregon.


Despite our reputation for being weird, Oregon’s weather is fairly…normal. Winter is cold/wet and summer is relatively mild, but can get a bit hot.

When planning a vacation to Oregon, make sure to pack for a few weather scenarios and expect to spend a lot of time outside. Layers will be key to success throughout your trip, making it easy to transition from brisk mornings and evenings to warm afternoons. Don’t forget a raincoat, Oregon’s skies are likely to open up at least once during your trip!

Keep in mind that Oregon is a pretty chill place, home to sportswear giants like Nike and Columbia. Your tennis shoes and athleisure wear will fit in just fine and you’ll be glad you opted for comfortable clothing.


Make sure you keep it legal while in Oregon. Adults 21 and up can purchase cannabis legally from a dispensary, with a limit of 7 grams per day, and have up to 2 ounces on them at all times. But just like alcohol, cannabis cannot be publicly consumed and you cannot drive while under its influence.


Since you can’t publicly consume cannabis in Oregon, it will be important to find a 420 friendly place to stay while you are in town. Luckily, many “mainstream” hotels offer smoking rooms in which you can enjoy (Voyage) vaporizers inside or on the balcony. There are also private residences available if you are looking for a more unique way to stay.

Disclaimer: you should always call hotels ahead of time to specifically ask about smoking policies and smoke-friendly room availability.

Garden Oasis Guest House (Portland)


Traveling alone or with just one other person? This is a great Airbnb find for you. The tiny guest home is necessities-only, but set in a lush garden just 15 minutes from downtown Portland. Enjoy a legal, al fresco toke on the hammock before heading into the heart of Portland to explore.

Dragonfly Earth Medicine Guest House (Eugene)


This is a great private residence option for a large group. The home has 5 bedroom and sleeps 12 people comfortably. The best part? There’s a hot tub! Cannabis isn’t included, but you’re free to smoke it outside.

Riverhouse on the Deschutes (Bend)


This 4 star hotel is a great smoke-friendly find in Bend, Oregon right on the river! The Riverhouse has all convenient amenities that make staying in a hotel worth it: a pool, beautiful waterfront views, a gorgeous terrace and bar. When making your reservation, be sure to ask for a room with a private balcony.

Hallmark Resort (Newport)


Class up your cannabis vacation at this incredible beachfront hotel in Newport. Enjoy beautiful views of the Oregon coast, use the indoor pool and hot tub and dine at their in-hotel restaurant. Ask for a room with a private balcony when booking.


This list could be twice as long and still not even begin to scratch the surface of things to do in Oregon. Consider this a roundup of suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

Crater Lake


One of the deepest lakes on earth, Crater Lake is a true wonder of Oregon. Surrounded by dramatic cliffs and full of old-growth forests, this is an idyllic place to spend a stoney day. Pack a picnic, take a short or long hike, or get out on the water with a boat rental! Even during the summer, Crater Lake’s high altitude can give way to gnarly weather quickly. Pack warm clothes even if it feels like it will be a perfectly warm day.

Silver Creek Falls


This is a great hike option for all levels. There are 10 waterfalls in this canyon and the full loop to see them all is about a 7 mile hike, with shortcuts along the way to make it more manageable for new hikers. If you go during the summer, make sure to wear your swimsuit and jump into the cool mountain water at least once!

Bagby Hot Springs


If you prefer your hikes with a gorgeous, relaxing natural hot spring spa, Bagby Hot Springs is for you. For just $5, and a 1.5 mile hike, you can soak in a giant, hollowed out tree tub full of naturally warm water. If you want some alone time, there are private bathing rooms available as well. Want to make your experience more adventurous? Try an Oregon edible before you go!

Take a Puff & Pass Paint or Pottery Class!


Cannabis friendly events are still in their infancy, but this company knows what they’re doing. Enjoy a creative night of painting or making your own pottery – while smoking the night away! There are Puff, Pass Paint classes in nearly every legal cannabis city in the country, Portland included. Bring your own cannabis!

Freakybuttrue Peculiarium

Bigfoot, alien autopsies and other bizarre “exhibits” — this place is weird. And that’s the entire point. While exploring Portland, you might as well stop in and see all the oddities that Freakybuttrue Peculiarium has to offer. It’s only $5 and will take you half an hour to peruse. You’ll definitely want to be high for this one.


Screen Door (Portland)


It may be on the west coast, but this southern cooking restaurant feels like it’s down south. Gumbo? Got it. Fried chicken? Yep! All of the homemade sides you’ll be craving after smoking a legal joint? They have them all. This is a must try in Portland.

Bowpicker Fish & Chips (Astoria)


We all know about food trucks, but what about a food boat? This place is cute (it’s literally a food stand inside of a parked boat), local, delicious and quick. Try their famous fish and chips. Be aware that this place gets a seriously long line, but it moves quickly so stick it out.

Mame (Eugene)


This restaurant in Eugene is low key, but packs a serious punch. If you’re looking for good, fresh sushi and seafood dishes, look no further. Take a seat at the bar and watch the sushi being freshly prepared for your plate!

Chow (Bend)


This is a fantastic breakfast option in Bend, Oregon. Their salmon and bacon hash is legendary and their pancakes are no joke either. Check in on Yelp and get two free coffees when you visit!

Restaurant Beck (Depoe Bay)


Warning: This is a serious splurge. You’ll dine like royalty at Restaurant Beck with an oceanfront view and world class eats. If you want the full experience, do a Chef’s Dinner with 5 courses from their tasting menu.

Salt & Straw Ice Cream(Multiple Locations)


Skipping dessert would be a sin when Salt & Straw is around. This ice cream juggernaut has spread throughout Oregon and has even expanded into LA. Try crazy flavors like Marionberry Habanero, Meyer Lemon Buttermilk with blueberries, Arbequina Olive Oil and more.


Voyage is lucky to have amazing partners to distribute our products. The dispensaries listed all carry Voyage concentrates, so you can try all of our products and some of the excellent flower these dispensaries offer.

Terpene Station PDX

The Terpene Station has locations in Portland and Eugene. Never been to a dispensary and not sure what to expect? You can take a video tour of their Portland location and get familiar with the look and feel before ever stepping foot inside.

Cannabis Nation (Multiple Locations)


Cannabis Nation has multiple locations all throughout the state, including Beaverton, Seaside and Gresham. Every one of their stores is beautiful, with modern design and huge open floor plans. You won’t be sorry you stopped in to say hello.

Frequent Vibrationz (Eugene)

Dope Magazine named Frequent Vibrationz Oregon’s “Best New Dispensary” and called it the friendliest shop in town. Their website is full of excellent reviews, so you know you will receive excellent service and products from this shop. What makes it even better? Their Daily Deals! Check their website before heading in to see how you can save.

The Green Front(Portland)

The Green Front just recently remodeled their store in Portland, so you can expect a nice, updated experience. A huge added bonus: they are one of the only dispensaries in Oregon that allows you to order delivery or pick up online!

Hi Cascade (Multiple Locations)

Hi Cascade is another Oregon dispensary chain with locations throughout the state. You can visit locations in Portland, Eugene, Waldport, Salem, Depoe Bay, Rockaway Beach, Astoria and Springfield. Recreational buyers are welcome in all locations.

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