Oregon Cannabis Events Happening This Fall

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One of the best perks of living in a legal cannabis state is the community and culture that rises from prohibition’s ashes. Creative Oregonians are working to bring cool events that are not just cannabis friendly, but fun and educational, giving you the opportunity to connect with likeminded people. Activities this month range from cannabis friendly pottery making, to fashion shows, to festivals.

Check out a roundup of cool cannabis events happening in Oregon this month, paired with the perfect product offered at Spark Dispensary. You can view our full menu here.

Cannabis Events Happening In Oregon This Fall

Puff, Pass & POTtery
Where: Prism House PDX
When: Sunday, November 19, starting at 7:00pm

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Want to exercise the creative part of your brain? Try Puff, Pass & POTtery! You’ll have the chance to glaze your own pipe or chillum and ashtray combo. What cannabis lover doesn’t want to make a perfectly personal piece? In a few days, your final product will be available for pick up or shipped directly to you. This event is cannabis-friendly and BYOB (bring your own bud). Tickets are $75 and you must be age 21+ to attend.

Since your hands will be busy glazing your new piece, we suggest bringing a pre-roll for your convenience. Try a 1g joint from Sofresh in Sour OG for a creative elevated experience with just enough body high to have you feeling relaxed.

The Endocannabinoid System in Review
Where: Jupiter Hotel
When: Monday, October 23, starting at 10:00am
Do you want to learn how cannabis works its way through your system? Join the Sativa Science Club and one of the best budtenders in Portland, Emma Chasen, for a foundational study of the Endocannabinoid System and the Entourage Effect. You can’t bring smokeables to this event, but you can enjoy some Voyage concentrates before you go and bring any edibles and topicals you would like.

(source: http://www.sdksnacks.com/snacks/)
Since you can’t have smokeables at this event, bring a pouch of She Dont Know chocolate chip cannabis cookies to share. Each cookie has .5mg of THC, so an experienced consumer can feel comfortable eating more than just one.

420 Fashion Week
Where: Northwest Cannabis Club
When: Tuesday, October 24, starting at 7:00pm
Did you know there are member-only cannabis lounges in Oregon? If you’ve never experienced one, this event will give you a perfect excuse to check out Northwest Cannabis Club! Enjoy live performances, music and networking, plus the things you can always expect at Northwest Cannabis Club: a 50 ft dab bar, rental bongs and e-nails, shuffleboard, pool and other games. Check out what it’s like to have a fun and safe place to consume cannabis with like minded people. General admission tickets are $20 and you must be 21+ to attend.

(source: http://groenfarms.com/strains/)
Since Northwest Cannabis Club has awesome glass pieces to rent, bring some flower with you. Try Cherry Pie by Groen Farms. This strain will give you a good balance between a head and body high, putting you in the perfect relaxed mood for hanging out all night long.

The Dope Cup Oregon
Where: Staver Locomotive
When: Sunday, October 29

(source: http://dopecupor.dopemagazine.com/)
If you love cannabis and haven’t been to a DOPE Cup yet, you are missing out. Spend a day listening to live music, trying products from all over Oregon and indulge in good eats from some of Oregon’s best food trucks. The best part? The event is totally free to anyone 21+ that RSVPs.

(source: https://gronchocolate.com/chocolate/)
This all day event calls for an all day edible. Have a piece or two from a Grön Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Bar to establish the perfect base high to set the tone for the rest of your day.

Happy Harvest Party
Where: Prism House PDX
When: Saturday, November 11, starting at 6:00pm
Are you and your friends tired of spending all of your nights out at bars, unable to consume cannabis? This Harvest Party is a perfect alternative for you. With regular admission tickets for less than $10 and VIP tickets for less than $30, you’ll get to enjoy free food and drinks, a dab bar, tons of free samples and music in a cannabis-friendly venue. Bring your own cannabis to enjoy and share with others!

(source: https://weedmaps.com/brands/sugartop-buddery/products/sugartop-buddery-lodi-dodi-stubby-bat-pre-roll-5-pack)
For an event like this, you need a great shareable party favor. Bring a pack of Sugartop Buddery stubby bat pre-rolls in strain Lodi Dodi. You’ll be the coolest person there when you whip out this incognito pack. With every joint weighing in at .6g, they are perfect for a quick smoke with a new friend at the event and Lodi Dodi will give you a nice cerebral high.

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