Spark Dispensary Holiday Cannabis Gift Guide

Spark Dispensary Holiday Gift Guide

Spark Dispensary Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it is prime time for holiday shopping. If you are struggling to find the perfect gifts for your friends and family, Spark Dispensary has you covered. Whether it’s a present for your cannabis enthusiast friend or a cannabis beginner interested in trying cannabis products for the first time, we have options for everyone. Stop by our store in North East Portland to knock out the rest of your Christmas shopping and enjoy all of our holiday discounts and specials.


Cannabis Gift Guide by Spark Dispensary


Cannabis Flower

Groen Farms Flower

If you have a true cannabis lover on your list, Groen Farms flower would be an ideal gift. Spark carries a variety of strains from Groen Farms, all grown in Oregon’s volcanic arc region using pesticide-free farming techniques. You can choose from strains like Agent Orange, Blue Dream, Deadhead OG, Golden Goat, Gorilla Glue #4, Lavender, or Wappa.


SoFresh Farms

SoFresh Farms is another top-shelf brand carried at Spark. SoFresh cannabis is ethically grown and Clean Green Certified, emphasizing the use of recyclable and compostable goods throughout the entire cultivation process. Spark carries a variety of SoFresh flower strains and pre-rolls. We also include SoFresh cannabis in our holiday gift bags!  


Gypsy Farms

Yet another top shelf flower option at Spark is Gypsy Farms. We carry multiple strains, including Hippie Crippler, a very popular sativa-dominant hybrid with an uplifting high that people love for daytime productivity.


$75 Ounces

This Christmas, we’re giving the best deal on cannabis flower in Portland. You can purchase select strains for just $75 an ounce! Ask our budtenders which strains are available for this deal when you come in.


Pre-Roll Joints

SugarTop Buddery Pre-Roll Packs

SugarTop Buddery uses top-shelf cannabis flower to fill their pre-roll joints and then packages them in what looks like retro cigarette packs. Spark carries these packs in a variety of strains, including Lodi Dodi and Green Crack, and sizes. Whether you prefer 1.2 gram or .6 gram joints, heavy indicas, or energizing sativas, SugarTop Buddery has a perfect pre-roll pack to fit what you’re looking for.  Get these pre-roll packs for your trendiest friend; they’ll love their look and the top grade high.


$3 Half Gram Joints

Spark will have select $3 half gram joints from now until the holidays. Stock up on these perfect stocking stuffers and get a few for yourself too! You won’t find a better deal on half gram joints in Portland. Ask your budtender which joints are on special.


Cannabis Concentrates

Save 15% on NW Kind

Save on some of the best shatter in Oregon. NW Kind’s shatter is a heavy hitting, terpene rich hash oil that is a great present for serious cannabis consumers. This clean, semi-transparent, and semi-solid concentrate is known for its purity. Save 15% on all NW Kind shatter strains that we have in stock, including: Golden Pineapple, Papaya Shatter, Royal Cookies, Silver Hawk, Stardawg, and more.


Pax Era Pods

Spark is now carrying Pax Era Pods. The Pax Era is one of the most innovative and low profile vape pens on the market and would make for an amazing Christmas present. It’s lightweight and pocket-sized with customizable temperature settings.  Its unique shape makes it compatible with Pax Era-specific cartridges only, known as Pax Era Pods. Spark is happy to carry these high-quality, flavorful, and terpene-rich cartridges.


Topicals & Tinctures

Save 10% on Empower Products

Empower combines essential oils with cannabis to create high quality and effective topicals with the added bonus of aromatherapy. These topicals would make amazing stocking stuffers for someone you know that takes pride in their skincare or for a family member that might be interested in the health benefits of cannabis but does not want the psychoactive high.


Save 10% on Mary’s Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals is an award-winning cannabis topical company focused on plant-based pain relief. Mary’s Medicinals is best known for their Transdermal Cannabis Patches that deliver targeted, natural pain relief. Make someone’s Christmas by giving them relief from their chronic pain. You can save 10% on all Mary’s Medicinals products now through the holidays.


Save 10% on Luminous Botanicals

Luminous Botanicals makes high-quality cannabis tinctures and topicals. The cannabis used to infuse their products is sun grown, clean green certified flower free from synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Their cannabis tonics can be ingested orally or used as a topical for skin care, pain relief, or sensual use. Their potent CBD blend is good for those that want minimal psychoactive effects and their Dew Sensual Cannabis Oil is a great present for your significant other. Save 10% on all Luminous Botanicals through the holiday.


Can’t choose just one deal? Ask our budtenders about building your own holiday gift bag! A curated gift bag is a perfect gift to give alongside some of our 30% off glass pieces and accessories.



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